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Beating Up Cupcakes

After last year’s tragic mistake of starting the season against conference rival Boston College, followed by a matchup against top 12-finishing Kansas State, this season the Miami Hurricanes have renewed their annual season kickoff tradition of “pound the cupcake team.” This year’s victims: Florida Atlantic University, a small program from Palm Beach County led by legendary former UM coach Howard Schnellenberger. Watch as Miami’s hyped-up quarterback Stephen Morris throws all over the field to a much-improved corps of wide receivers, and Heisman-potential running back Duke Johnson makes the FAU Owls’ defense look like it’s standing still. It’ll be like beating a toddler at Connect Four. At least fans and experts alike can get a small peek into a (let’s hope) improved UM defense, which was the team’s major weakness last season. Relying on freshmen and sophomores too much last year explains their lack of success, but we hope that experience can turn into a renewed Hurricane defensive dominance — the trademark of the team’s ’80s dominance.
Fri., Aug. 30, 8 p.m., 2013


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