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Beach, Beer, Blankets, No Bingo!

It might be difficult for some of us to imagine, but most Americans do not have the luxury of sandy beaches and beautiful blue oceans in their back yards. So the fact that you haven’t been to the beach since Hurricane Andrew left you with no indoor plumbing should embarrass the hell out of you. Not to worry, our favorite adult recess crew, the Miami Sports & Social Club, is gonna get you out to the sand at Crandon Park this weekend for Beachfest. This won’t be your average family day at the beach; you can fill your plastic neon bucket with beer and use the shovel for ice.

The day promises nonstop fun and games like kickball, whiffle ball, and tug of war. But for all of you -- us included -- who won’t get out of the bed for less than three beers, there will also be all-you-can-drink brewski for $20 per person. And if beer isn’t your brand of trouble, you can bring a cooler of your favorite drinks and chill for free! The fun begins at 10:00 a.m. Register at
Sat., Aug. 11


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