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A year ago, nada yoga guru Bhagavan Das came to The Standard and sat with us for an unforgettable interview. He reminisced about his transformation from Mike Riggs, laid-back California dude and self-described “freakazoid, weirdo, nerd-geek,” into Bhagavan Das, world-renowned rock and roll yogi with fabulously long dreadlocks and beard, and an equally long and fabulous history. Sex, drugs, hanging out with famous people, living in solitude as a hermit in India, more sex and drugs, all culminating in finding lasting redemption through touring with the Grateful Dead, and then rediscovered fame by recording world music albums with Beastie Boy Mike D. The man who is affectionately known as “Baba” openly shared wild stories about his past and offered respectful, sage advice for this reporter’s present. Sitting and talking to him in the peaceful environs of Miami Beach’s foremost spa hotel was a truly memorable and soul-stirring experience. Just imagine having him guide you through a four-day course of yoga and spirituality.

If you’re looking to wipe your darkened spiritual slate clean by the end of this year, we couldn’t recommend a better way to do it. Besides offering Vedic astrology readings ($185, by appointment only) and nada yoga workshops, he’ll chant you into the new year with a secret mantra and end the experience with a champagne toast. This evening from 8 to 10 p.m., Baba Bhagavan Das will lead the hotel’s popular H2Om session, and you’re invited to chant, sweat, and bathe in the spa with a man who’s seen the dark side and come into the light. Prices range from $20 to $45 for daily sessions, $115 for the complete four-day experience. Call 305-704-3945, or visit Learn more at
Dec. 28-31, 2007


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