Be at The News Without Being In The News

You already know about SoBe’s legendary News Café — a place with a 24-7 schedule that makes Sunset Strip hookers look like nuns. People turn up at the hotspot at all hours for a cocktail, a coffee, or to gawk at the passersby — but never for privacy. And did you know that if you visit, you can actually watch live streaming video of the patrons seated on the coveted front row? And you thought TMZ was bad. If you want the scene without the “cut” and the “action,” try The News Lounge — a laidback, Midtown version of the Ocean Drive clusterfuck.

Even sweeter than the cloak of umbrellas, über-comfy seating and the fact that it’s tucked away in a covert corner of the 55th Street Station is the Thursday I Am Your Villain Happy Hour. From 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. you can down half-priced drinks in peace, or dance like no one’s watching while DJs Contra, Doormouse, Induce, and others spin the hotness. Just don’t stand by the outdoor pool table. It’s so cool, people won’t be able to resist a peek.
Thursdays, 2008


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