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Balloons in the Sky at Basel

Art Basel Miami Beach is only five years old, but the festival acts more like a know-it-all teenager. Patrons purchasing art like they would pick stocks, and artwork that inspires a WTF? rather than a wow! steer the everyday art lover away from the haughty Swiss import. Friends with You have come to the rescue. The charming, creative collective of artists will release their works to the sky for “Skywalkers,” a parade/exhibit that will bring a sense of childlike wonderment to the showy South Beach proceedings. “It’s a way to spread high-concept art to everybody. It’s a very spiritual, magical thing. We’re showing people that dreams can come true,” explains cocreator Sam Borkson. A procession of eighteen magnificent hot-air balloons will be hoisted aloft by local volunteers. The largest blimp is 60-feet long. “This experience will be remarkable for anyone that comes out,” says cocreator Arturo “Tury” Sandoval III. Tury’s famous saxophonist father will be orchestrating the Hialeah Senior High School marching band, which will lead the parade down the beach from Lincoln Road to Fifth Street this afternoon at 2:00.
Thu., Dec. 7, 2 p.m.


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