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Bagging Rights

This Thursday through Sunday, you don't want to find yourself sitting in the front row of the Miami Improv. Canadian comedian Ian Bagg will be at the mike, and his whole bit revolves around calling audience members assholes. "Man, there are a lot of old people in here. Did a cruise ship crash?" His jabs at waxed chests, sparkly T-shirts, and awkward body language will inspire nervous laughter in those not yet singled out. But still, he's Canadian, so he has the birthright to be truly funny, like when he repeatedly asks the women in the audience: "How heavy was the heaviest child to fall from your loins?" And to the woman whose baby weighed more than ten pounds, he shouts back, "You're the winner. Go to the parking lot and pick any car you want."
Thu., June 10, 8:30 p.m., 2010


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