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Baby Saving
Alvaro Diaz-Rubio

Baby Saving

Thursday, June 5

Postpartum anxiety never felt so good. Now new mommies and daddies can alleviate their nerves about keeping their little bundle alive while shopping for cute outfits, as Bloomingdale's in the Falls (8778 SW 136th St.) and Aventura (19555 Biscayne Blvd.) offer emergency tips in their seminars Lifesaving Infant and Child CPR/First Aid and More. The brief seminars will be led by a medical expert from the American Red Cross who specializes in child emergencies. The expert won't be teaching specific techniques but will tell parents how important it is to learn skills such as the Heimlich maneuver without killing el niño. Once certified, you will learn how to respond in a calm manner when big brother knocks baby unconscious while playing Wrestlemania. And you thought having a kid was going to be easy.

Don't trip out, though. Chances are you won't have to use your new lifesaving tactics, but just think of the superior tone you can adopt while boasting about your parenting skills to other mommies during play dates. Oh, and you now have an excuse to go shopping.

The seminar begins at 2:00 p.m. today and Friday, June 6, at Bloomingdale's children's department. Admission is free. Call 205-234-6415. -- By Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Saturday, June 7

School Zone

Buses clash on the speedway

Junior's not traumatized enough from being hauled to school each day on that rolling cage full of rowdy rug rats known as the big yellow school bus. Now your family outings threaten to further damage his delicate psyche. Your idea of a wholesome good time is Wild and Crazy Bus Night, revving its engines at 7:00 tonight at Hialeah Speedway (3330 W. Okeechobee Rd., Hialeah). To you nothing is cooler than large passenger buses battling in the cyclone figure-8 race, backward race, and, everyone's favorite, the blindfold race. As for Junior, the all-too-familiar mayhem might make him a bit queasy. Barf bag, anyone? Admission ranges from $5 to $15; kids under age 6 get in free. Call 305-821-6644. -- By Nina Korman


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