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Awesome and Young

To call ANR simply a "rock band" would be woefully leaving out a large chunk of their musical stew. Disco, soul, funk, and a large dose of the Purple One all figure into the sound. Still, it rocks. And though they broke up for a minute a couple of years ago, it didn't last long, and ever since then, they've been stepping up their game, touring and appearing at industry requisite events such as CMJ and South by Southwest. Around here, though, the band remains one of the most universally loved live acts, creating an instant dance party within the first few bars. Coral Springs-based act MillionYoung has been hailed as South Florida's bona fide entry into what is cringe-inducingly called "glo-fi" or "chillwave." Indeed, impending blog hype looms. The one-man band born Mike Diaz has had a track reviewed positively on Pitchfork, and his MySpace page already lists a manager and a publicist, along with national tour dates at painfully hip venues such as Brooklyn's experimental Glasslands. Come out for ANR & MillionYoung's last Miami live show before they embark on an east coast tour that will spread their tunes all the way to the magical land of Canada.
Fri., May 7, 10 p.m., 2010


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