Australian Musicians Have Out-Miami-ed Us

Miami, why the hell don't we own this whole nu-rave genre? Big bass beats, ghetto synth riffs, liberal use of neons, and a perpetual sense of being stuck in the Eighties — we realize it's not the noblest cause, and we're a bit late anyway, but come on! This is so Miami! The obvious 305-nu-rave harmony wasn't lost on an Australian DJ and producer who dubbed himself Miami Horror. Yes, after they came for our neon and bass and we said nothing, they came for our city’s name as well. And the dude's gotten more hits on the hype machine in the past year than almost every authentically local band combined.

Miami Horror has gone on to twiddle the knobs for Gameboy/Gamegirl, who churn out cheeky, quasi-rap party anthems such as "Sweaty Wet Dirty Damp." They're Aussies in skinny jeans doing a decent 2 Live Crew impersonation. Both outfits will play Saturday at Poplife at White Room. Doors open at 10 p.m., and the band goes on around midnight. For more info, go to
Sat., July 5, 10 p.m., 2008


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