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Attack of the Screaming Foreheads

Stop pounding Omega-3 pills. It’s not the brain that holds human’s intellectual stamina, it’s the .3mm piece of skin in front of it known as the forehead. Scientist were alerted to this fact after alien foreheads –looking a lot like talking, crawling chicken cutlets – invaded and controlled a small town called Longhead Bay. Luckily, there’s a sexy scientist already working on a potent human extract (foreheadazine) so we can all supplement our natural IQ. Of course, there’s always the chance that the only thing it’ll increase is the size of your brow. But who wouldn’t risk looking like Eric Stoltz in Mask if it meant you were always the smartest guy in the room? This Friday, Larry Blamire’s Trail of the Screaming Forehead screens as part the midnight screenings at UM’s Bill Cosford theater.
Fri., Oct. 8, 11:59 a.m.; Fri., Oct. 15, 11:59 a.m., 2010


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