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At Risk to Swoon

The World Health Organization just issued a warning that it has detected hazardous levels of romance in the atmosphere. So far, the potential risks are minimal, but Justin Bieber fans, the recently divorced, and people who haven’t yet had their soul devoured in a bad breakup should take precautions. Those at risk should steer clear of Courvoisier, oysters, little blue pills, the new Sade album, and, most important, the Romance in a Can Film Festival. The Miami-Dade Health Department has extra staff on hand to handle the ten-day festival, the only one in the nation to focus solely on 20 heartstring-plucking films. The festival begins this Thursday with an 8:30 p.m. screening of the French film Nothing’s Personal at the Tower Theater. Director Mathias Gokalp and scriptwriter Nadine Lamari will be on hand for a cocktail reception at 7. Tickets cost $15. On Saturday, at the Alliance Française de Miami, Gokalp will screen two more of his films and hold a Q&A. Tickets cost $10. Until the festival ends May 9, stay on high alert: The threat level for rampant swooning and happy tears has been raised to red.
Thu., April 29, 7 p.m., 2010


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