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Art You Can Sleep On

What do a pop artist from Pittsburgh and an Argentine surrealist have in common? Try Romero Britto. Tee “Teepop” Davis and Cesar Levy met a few years ago while working as graphic artists for the Brazilian marvel. Davis and Levy recognized that philosophically they were “twins separated at birth” and embarked on a collaborative exploration of each other’s creative souls. As kismet would have it, Levy absorbed himself in the Pop Art sensibility Davis brought to the table, while Davis soaked up her buddy’s taste for Surrealism. Their breakout show, “POP-SURREALISM,” opening tonight at 7:00 at PS 14 features limited-edition hand-painted messenger bags and silk pillows, along with original paintings and sculptures for sale. Organized by Party for a Living Inc., the one-night-only event offers art lovers a rare opportunity to knock back some brews and wake up the next morning with a glittering piece of work over the couch. Admission is free. Call 305-358-3600.
Sat., May 13


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