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Mike Gorman

Anniversary Odes

Dinner and a movie was so last weekend, and besides multiplexes are either filled with the clichéd summer blockbuster movies you've already seen, or the mindless drivel Hollywood was too ashamed to release earlier. There's not a single good concert to be found, and now that all the famous people have gotten the hell out of Dodge, somehow clubbing just feels empty and sad.

Don't obliterate your end-of-the-week stress through mass consumption of mind-altering liquids at some dive's happy hour. Do the following: Remember everything that got to you in the past week, and head straight to Release Yourself Friday at Book Addiction, where you can step up to the microphone and exorcise your demons through poetic expression. This well-appointed little store has been serving up slamming spoken-word action to Coconut Grove since September 12th, 2003. Tonight, you can celebrate the first anniversary of this weekly poetry and music lovefest.

The owner of Book Addiction, LaShawn Kinder, is particularly pleased to celebrate this anniversary. "We're one of the only poetry venues this far south in Miami," she explains with pride. "We expect a full roster. Many poets will bless the mike." In previous sessions, known spoken-wordist Big Brooklyn Red rocked the mic; slam championship winner Queen Sheba from Virginia, and local jazz songstress Nicole Henry have delighted the audience as well. Tonight, Rebecca "Butterfly" Vaughns, herself a respected spoken-word artist, will welcome regulars and newbies with open arms, as always.


Release Yourself Friday

Book Addiction, 3805 Grand Ave, Coconut Grove

9:30 p.m. Friday, September 10th. Admission is $1 for artists; $3 for spectators. Call 305-476-8191.

The folks at Book Addiction want you to know that as long as you've got something to say, there's a place to say it. And it's an inspiring, welcoming place. Don't feel limited by the fact that you maybe haven't actually written any poetry. It doesn't even have to rhyme, as long as you speak from the heart. Poets, singers, hip-hop artists, and musicians are all welcome to release themselves this and every Friday.

-- Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik


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