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All You Can Dance

WinterFest is to dance aficionados what an all-you-can-eat buffet is to the morbidly obese. An orgy of all things dance, WinterFest attracts professionals from exotic locations. And Philadelphia. Miami will witness such an influx of Guggenheim winners that the ghost of John Simon Guggenheim will likely appear in the clouds in a Lion King-like explosion.

One notable concert, Distance Between the Minds, might include nudity, but not dirty-psychoanalyst-type nudity. Watch the unique performance of wheelchair-dancer Gerda König and, yes, Guggenheim-winning company DIN A 13 opening night, this Saturday, at 8 p.m. Later, take classes in styles as varied as ballet, modern dance, and Afro-Brazilian dance. Maybe anything in excess is unhealthy, but hey, attending WinterFest feels better than being the 300-pound dude in line at Old Country Buffet. Catch performances December 26 through January 3 at the Colony Theater, New World Dance Theatre (25 NE Second St., Miami), and other locations. Tickets range from $6 to $50. Call 305-547-1117, or visit
Dec. 26-Jan. 3, 2008


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