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Lately it seems all of Culture in the City’s events have been the new-age variety: Wiccan chanting, alternative medicine, metaphysical stuff. This past week, organizers held a lecture about the “value of human life from the Vedic perspective,” and we didn’t even know what Vedic was. (Thank Goddess we can Google anything these days.) But it’s not all solstices and swamis at Culture; there is a darker side, which will be unleashed tonight with the lecture titled “Homophobia and the Law,” led by Amy Ronner, law professor at St. Thomas University. The program will explore stereotypes associated with homophobia, how they operate under different areas of the law, and how they impede on a gay person’s basic rights. Heavy. Although Culture’s lectures tend to be interactive, we hope they won’t demonstrate any real homophobia -- that would be upsetting. (P.S.: Vedic refers to the writings of Ancient India. Oh, right, we knew that.) Complimentary wine and cheese will be served at 7:00; the lecture begins at 7:30 at the Women’s Club of Coconut Grove. Admission is ten dollars, five for students. Call 305-648-0899, or visit
Wed., Aug. 9


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