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Art in Bloom,” now in its fifth incarnation, offers the concrete-weary a return to Eden by transforming Miami Beach Botanical Garden into a sculptural paradise. “This time we wanted to focus on sculpture displayed outdoors, to encourage visitors to enjoy the beauty of the grounds,” explains curator Carol Jazzar.

Presented in conjunction with Art Miami, the show opens tonight at 6:00 with a reception sponsored by Finlandia Vodka and features an environmentally themed performance by Momentum Dance Company at 8:00. Highlights of the exhibit include Ani Villanueva’s plastic and rubber arachnid army dangling from strings; Skip Van Cel’s At War with Peace, a towering stack of rickety wooden palettes commenting on the war in Iraq; Michael Martindell’s Bird Man, wrought from recycled steel; and Rein Triefeldt’s nifty solar-panel butterfly.

Jazzar, who has a booth at Art Miami this year, says the exhibit offers a soothing oasis to rest the tootsies: “It’s a nice respite for those tired of all the walking.”
Thu., Jan. 4, 6 p.m.


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