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Aesthetic Involvement

Sat 5/10

What if we put together a show where you can listen to some cool, locally grown rock bands while looking at an intriguing sculpture or painting or an artsy photograph? That was probably the question that sparked the collective flame now dubbed ArtedelBarrio (Art from the 'Hood).This neighborhood's art showcases Latin American painters, photographers, sculptors, video filmmakers, musicians, DJs, and actors who met on South Beach in 1997 and one after the other moved to the Design District. They didn't deliberately attempt to maintain some sort of neighborhood tradition, but since they relocated so near to each other, it seems impossible to think otherwise.

Some are musicians leading a double or even a triple life, considering they play in, say, Tereso and paint or sculpt. But they also have to work down-to-rent, er, earth, jobs for the sake of paying the bills. Others are not musicians but stage actors, digital freaks, or DJs. All of them will participate in a multidiscipline exhibition/party this weekend.

"We want to show it all -- our music, our art, our videos," notes project director Maia Junco, singer for La Granja Mecanica, one of the bands that will share the bill. "The idea is to establish the group as an artistic entity and to invite the community to get involved." Six years ago Cuban-born Junco got wind of the multimedia setup around Icelandic electro-rock band Gus Gus, whose New York show included artists, actors, and painters. She was inspired, but adds a twist to AdB. The difference: Ten percent of profits will be sent to UNICEF to aid Iraqi children. "We're not doing politics," Junco says. "We want to help the children, that's all."-- By Javier Andrade

ArtedelBarrio will feature alternative Latin rock bands Flotabanda, Ohms, Agathon, Tereso, and La Granja Mecanica, plus Alan Hughes and DJ Raul Ramirez, as well as showcasing works from photographers, filmmakers, and painters at 8:30 p.m. at Churchill's, 5501 NE 2nd Ave. Tickets cost $3. Call 786-351-8695.

Thur 5/9

What Aquagirls Want

Starting this weekend thousands of women from around the world are expected to descend on Miami Beach to party. Don't get excited, fellas, this is not your ordinary college girl pussy posse. These women are here to party with like-minded members of the female persuasion. Now in its fourth year, Aquagirl offers a slew of parties, entertainment, tea-dance brunches, and golf events for lesbians, bisexual women, and their friends through Sunday, May 18. As with most circuit parties, the event raises money for a good cause. In this case it's the Gay and Lesbian Foundation of South Florida Women's Fund. Look for special dining deals at Lincoln Road restaurants, beach parties at the DoubleTree Surfcomber Hotel, and a live performance by comedian Karen Williams. The parties kick off at 7:00 tonight with a VIP cocktail affair taking place at a private home in Coconut Grove. Tickets cost $75. Call 305-572-1841 for a schedule of events or check out --Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Wed 5/14

Bauble Bash

Shop for, talk about, and make beaded trinkets

Think beads and what comes to mind? Crafty American Indians, titty-flashing girls gone wild at Mardi Gras, and Birkenstock-wearing neo-hippie Grateful Dead (now Phish) followers. Not a stretch, but not entirely accurate either. While you might bump into one of those types among the 5000 bead heads who'll attend the International Bead Expo, you're more likely to be seated next to a soccer mom or a retired granny in some of the 75 workshops boasting names like "Bead Collage for Unique Freaks" or "Free-form Sculptural Peyote Cuff." You can also choose from lectures on topics such as Venetian glass beads or a bazaar featuring 140 booths manned by international vendors. Presented by nonprofit organization Recursos de Santa Fe, the event runs through Sunday, May 18, at the James L. Knight Center (400 SE Second Ave.). Workshops range from $45 to $375. Admission to the bazaar is $5. Call 800-732-6881. -- By Nina Korman

Fri 5/9

Reality Calling, TV Wants You

Oh to be young, single, and on reality television. You get to show off your booty, your abs, and your toxic personality to the thrill of the nation. No talent is needed, just attitude disguised as charm. Nice tits always help. And there's always a spot for a weird person -- just look at what happened to Zora, the shy and bootylicious Jersey girl of Joe Millionaire fame. Remember that Bobby Trendy made it into the national consciousness, lip gloss and all. We tell you this because producers are in town looking for single people between ages 21 and 30 to appear in the new Fox reality show, Paradise Hotel. Billed as "innovative" and "groundbreaking," the project proposes to place contestants in "the most exclusive resort ever created" to be pampered and spoiled (and with luck, laid). Of course somebody gets the boot each week, and a new person is brought in. We're not really sure what you play for or how the game works, but hey, your reality ass might just be on reality TV. The casting starts at 8:30 p.m. at crobar, 1445 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. Admission is free until 11:30 p.m. Call 800-813-2278. -- Juan Carlos Rodriguez


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