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Abstract on Abstract

When contrasting worlds collide, marvels or mayhem might ensue. Fortunately it’s all about the marvelous at ArtCenter/South Florida, where the abstract musings of two resident artists are like peas in a pod. “Inherent Connection” features the work of Elsa Carolina Muñoz and Melissa Ruffino, whose pieces have been inspired by a call-and-response method, with one artist giving her abstract creation to the other to interpret in her own medium. Muñoz is an experimental shutterbug. Ruffino uses the canvas to harness dreams. “Muñoz and Ruffino show how new relationships can be forged by creative exchanges,” says Jeremy Chestler, ArtCenter’s director.

Ruffino agrees two heads can be better than one when exploring the creative process: “Others can be informative on things that I might not be aware of, helping me to answer the questions that are posed by my work.” The exhibit runs through September.
Aug. 2-Sept. 30, 2008


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