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Above-Average Art

If the Picasso knockoff you bought at Target just isn’t bringing your shag pad together the way you want, it’s time to explore a more average décor arrangement. Not “average” as in ordinary; “average” as in Average Joe. This Sunday, Yo Miami is reviving its gallery show of normal-person-priced masterpieces, this time called the “Average Joe Art Sale: Somewhat Above Average Edition.” Last month’s first-ever Average Joe sale received such positive feedback there was no way it wouldn’t happen again. As they shop, attendees can compete to be king (or queen) of the paddle on Yo’s custom Ping-Pong table, smoke some hookah, and consort with the local joes of Wynwood. Wynwood Brewing Company will fill cups while South Florida Music Obsessed brings the baby-makin’ music. (Please, do not make any babies on the premises.) Los Chamos food truck will dish out Venezuelan treats, and the HipPOPS truck will provide some much-needed coolness to this hellacious Miami summer with handcrafted gelato bars and sorbet sticks. Yo Miami’s resident artists will sell original works, limited-edition prints, apparel, accessories, and more. To top it off, the selling price is capped at $250, so you can own a unique piece of art for less than the price of an iPod. If you see something you like, take it home and impress your next date with your digs. If he/she doesn’t find you memorable, at least your art will be.
Sun., July 22, 3-9 p.m., 2012


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