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A Very Fine House

Writer Joyce Maynard once said, “A good home must be made and not bought.” Whatever. We all know that if we had a cool million dollars, we would buy the perfect beach condo and decorate it with the most expensive designer furniture possible. Beginning today, you can get ideas for your dream home – or your studio apartment – at Casa Décor, the European producer of interior design shows. The group’s first show house in the United States is the Miami Woman’s Club, featuring some 60 well-designed interior and exterior rooms. More than 26,000 square feet of perfectly arranged space spans five floors and includes a working restaurant and a champagne bar. Lofts, libraries, gardens, swank hotel rooms -- it's all here. Casa Décor began bringing cutting-edge design to Madrid fourteen years ago. Now it’s Miami’s turn. Casa Décor is open to the public through December 17 (closed Thanksgiving) from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and will host events and private viewings in the evenings. Admission is $22.50; a special admission package is $55. Proceeds help restore the Woman’s Club. Call 305-373-3700, or visit
Nov. 10-Dec. 17


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