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A State of Independence

It is a big responsibility to be in charge when your parents go out of town, but how about ruling a country? When Dom Joao VI left Brazil to return to its ruling country of Portugal, he told his son Pedro to watch over things. Well, after two years, Dom Pedro was tired of Portugal bossing them around, so he drew his sword and swore to make Brazil free. “Independencia ou morte! (Independence or death!),” Dom Pedro declared on September 7, 1822.

To celebrate Brazilian Independence Day, SushiSamba Dromo is presenting dinner specials, exotic cocktails, and exclusive film screenings from Sunday, September 3, through Thursday, September 7. Enjoy acaraje, or black-eyed pea fritters, with shredded short ribs for just $13, or a lobster and shrimp moqueca with hearts of palm, asparagus, and coconut milk for $27. If you dare, try the Ipiringa cocktail with muddled avocado and pineapple, cachaca, pineapple and lime juice, and Guaraná Antarctica soda for $11. Each night at 11:00, you can watch episodes of the television series City of Men (from the makers of City of God), and on September 7, you can catch the film Lower City. Call 305-673-5337, or visit
Sept. 3-7


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