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A Real Tea-Totaler

Tea is a warm and nurturing beverage best enjoyed in the company of friends. But much of the fun comes with the weight of longstanding ritual. What kind of cups do you need? What type of tablecloth should you use? Should you serve black, green, or herbal tea? It is enough to make a party planner want to throw in the tea towel and serve strong cocktails instead. All will be well, pinkie-raisers -- Jane Pettigrew is coming to town to share the delightful traditions of English tea.

“She is very knowledgeable and a lot of fun. She is the authority on the culture and the social aspect of tea.... People don’t realize that there’s so much involved in this silly little drink,” explains Kyra White, proprietress of Théine and a tea maven in her own right. Today at 2:30, Pettigrew will share her wisdom during an informal lecture sided by tea, crumpets, and other delectables at Théine.
Sat., June 10; Sun., June 11


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