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A Mighty Wind at UM

University of Miami students who are trying to get to that next level with the girl from Comp 1102: the Miami New Times, in the infinite wisdom it has gained from hanging around lots of undergraduate co-eds, has a fail-safe plan for you. Buy her tickets to the Miami Civic Music Association's An Evening of Classical and Romantic Masterworks.

Yes, it's three old guys playing a style of classical music that even your friends who play classical music think is stodgy. Yes, it's a little more than you'd like to spend, but at some point you have to prove to her that you're more than just the guy who once held the Beer Pong table for seven consecutive hours. The good thing is that the concert is on campus, so after you've proven you're classier than Jacory Harris, you can still stop by that kegger at Skeeter's townhouse. After that you're on your own kid. Unless you want to invite us along that is. We'll be parked outside Kappa Sigma in a black Trans-Am, so just hit our pagers.
Sat., March 28, 8 p.m., 2009


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