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A Lunch Worth Working For

You can recognize cubicle dwellers by our sun-starved skin tone, the knots in our upper backs, and an unhealthy obsession with lunchtime. That hour of the day when we can put work on hold and focus on food now has a new face: the Pool & Beach Bar at The Setai. Each day from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., this exotic SoBe locale opens its doors for something way better than last night’s leftovers in greasy Tupperware.

Try the Andalusian gazpacho topped with fresh crab crème fraîche or a mouthwatering Wagyu hot dog riding high atop a brioche bun. Alfresco dining is the answer to “What’s for lunch?” and almond crème brûlée topped with roasted rhubarb is the answer to your surly co-workers’ “Why the hell are you so happy?” Sure, price-wise The Setai is far from a #3 deal at Pollo Tropical, but when you’re a corporate slave, a little indulgence is most certainly long overdue. And when your boss wants to take you out for a meal you know will end in a pink slip, what better way to stick it to him than by ordering a $32 steak sandwich? Call 305-520-6246 for reservations.
Starts: March 10. Daily, 2009


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