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A Film 80 Years in the Making

Historians have already begun comparing the 1990s with the 1920s; both share exorbitant wealth, optimism, and blindness to the coming recession. But take one look at Vizcaya, Miami’s architectural gem from the early ’20s, and you realize the 1990s fell well short in the opulence category. James Deering spent eight years constructing his Venetian-style estate on Biscayne Bay, paying close attention to every detail. (In 80 years’ time, will anyone want to visit the Trump Palace?)

That long journey from inspiration to completion is well told in a new documentary film, Vizcaya, screening this Wednesday inside the environs (3251 South Miami Ave., Miami) it rhapsodizes. Narrated by actor and part-time local Andy Garcia, Vizcaya recreates that bygone era and further preserves an essential piece of Miami’s history. And in case you’re expecting PBS-style fare, don’t worry; the film was just nominated for an Emmy. The screening starts at 7 p.m., costs $15, and no advance tickets are available.
Wed., Nov. 18, 7 p.m., 2009


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