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400 Ways to Get Your Party On

There was a time when New York promoters controlled the South Beach party scene, and on any given night, the clubs were filled with hip-hop that seemed to be piped directly from the Tunnel or a late-night Hot 97 broadcast. Nowadays, you’ll hear more dance than Nas, and see more gold glitter via Ed Hardy tees than bling via diamond chains draped on the rap scene’s glitterati. But members of one party crew are showing they’ll never lose their luster: the 400 Club. And since their Friday nights at Play (formerly known as the Fifth) have already reached legend status and become a must-visit for both tourists and locals, it’s high time for them to shake things up a bit. And by “shake,” we mean move their Saturday-night fete, Eye Candy Saturdays, to a larger venue — the newly re-opened Cameo. So now celebs, beauties, and their groupies have more room to swag and surf, pop champagne, and do whatever else a song tells them to do. The party rolls from 10 p.m. until the last dance is done. Admission varies based on who you know, how you look, and what you say. Work it out.
Saturdays, 10 p.m., 2009


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