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15 Going on 16

Even though Andy Warhol shuffled off this mortal coil in 1987, his indomitable spirit just couldn’t not be present at this year’s Art Basel. Our annual Olympics of art, the Super Bowl of sculpture, the over-the-top smorgasbord of paintings and pretty people, screams of Warholian excess. Let’s face it -- the 15 minutes on most of these exhibits and visiting celebrities are almost up anyway.

The Experiments of Andy Warhol series came to the Miami Beach Cinematheque just in time for the mayhem. The first screening, 1964’s Blow Job, certainly made viewers come back for more, so to speak. Fret not, art-house cinephiles, the entire month of December has been turned over to the white-haired auteur who made Campbell’s soup cans icons. Every Friday night a different experiment will hit the screen. Tonight’s screening of Vinyl will reveal what A Clockwork Orange would have looked like if Stanley Kubrick hadn’t gotten his hairy paws all over it. Line up for violence and torture starring Edie Sedgwick and set to a swirling Sixties pop soundtrack at 8:30. Where’s Donyale Luna when you need her?
Fridays, 8:30 p.m. Starts: Dec. 14. Continues through Dec. 29, 2007


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