Shopping & Services

  • Best Musical Instrument Store

    Miami Vintage Guitars

    Rows and rows of Gibsons, Fenders, Ovations, and metal James Trussarts line the walls of Miami Vintage Guitars. Wide-eyed music junkies roam the shop's seven rooms, making their way upstairs to the electric and archtop room where they can get their hands on a red PRS signed by Carlos Santana himself, a road-worn Nashville six-string, and dozens of bass guitars.… More >>
  • Best Vinyl Store

    Uncle Sam's Music

    Hawking records is a rough game in these post-digital days. The average independent shop is barely making rent. Or already inflating its "Bankruptcy Sale!" balloons. Or even worse, slated to be demolished to make space for yet another neighborhood bank branch. But thankfully, there are still some indies that have somehow stuck it out — like Uncle Sam's, the South… More >>
  • Best Recording Studio

    The Hit Factory Criteria Miami

    Welcome to the big leagues. As far as making music in Miami goes, there is absolutely nowhere with the kind of pedigree the Hit Factory has accrued over the past 56 years in business. To run through the entirety of Criteria Studio's history of artists would be a ridiculously lengthy affair, but allow us to list a few choice names… More >>
  • Best Parking in Miami Beach

    Flamingo Park

    After Achilles was shot in the tendon and Perseus was turning folks to stone, Zeus lowered a flock of parking gods to Earth. From Washington Avenue street parking to spending your kid's college fund on valets, Miami Beach is a God-forsaken place for the four-wheel set. But there's a piece of heaven at the Flamingo Park lot on 11th Street,… More >>
  • Best Hotel

    Mondrian South Beach

    You'll always be greeted by a slightly unsettling face at the Mondrian South Beach. No, that's not an insult to the great service. We mean there's seriously a weird Bratz Doll-looking, computer-generated portrait of a lady's head in each and every room. The official story is that they're "sirens" meant to protect the guests. It's just one of several surreal… More >>
  • Best Charity

    Pridelines Youth Services

    In the big picture of gay rights, things have actually improved. But the sad truth is that many queer youths don't live a life right out of Glee. Perhaps 40 percent of LGBT youth attempt suicide in their teens, and about 40 percent of homeless youth in America identify somewhere on the rainbow. Even kids in better situations struggle with… More >>
  • InterContinental Hotel

    Best Public Restroom

    InterContinental Hotel

    Ah, Virginia Key at sunset. There's nothing more Miami than heading out on a buddy's sailboat and drifting toward Brickell while sipping champagne from the bottle. What could be more relaxing? Hanging out with your bros, listening to the soporific sounds of the gently lapping waves, drinking a liter of liquid. Uh-oh. Maybe you shouldn't have focused so hard on… More >>
  • Best Hair Removal

    Laser Center of Miami

    We know the story: You've tried a half-dozen Groupons, you've scouted out the neighborhood options, and maybe you've driven all the way to some far-flung suburb. And in the end, you've decided that laser hair removal just isn't worth the hassle. It's OK! Laser Center of Miami will restore your faith in science's follicle-destroying powers. Myriam Barrero started out as… More >>
  • Best Dermatologist

    Barba Dermatology

    Some people go to the dermatologist for cosmetic reasons: Botox, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, fillers. Don't worry — Barba Dermatology has all of that good stuff. But Dr. Alicia Barba is also there for true medical skin emergencies, like a nasty case of tinea versicolor, when the yeast that lives on your skin gets a little out of… More >>
  • Best Manicure

    Gloss Nail Bar

    A wooden communal table adorned with a silver vase and ivory hydrangeas divides the manicure and pedicure sections of Gloss Nail Bar, but there's no strong scent of acetone. Instead, the room is filled with a whiff of lavender and eucalyptus oils. Though fresh flowers, earthy decor, and natural aromas aren't the usual accompaniments at a nail salon, those touches… More >>
  • Best Facial

    Cleanskin by Isa

    Facials might seem like a Real Housewives of Miami-esque splurge best suited for the rich, famous, and heavily Botoxed. But in a city where tropical heat combines with makeup to spawn blackheads that border on tar pits and eye bags reach Dame Maggie Smith levels of realness, professional assistance is often a medical necessity. Problem is, Miami offers a frightening… More >>
  • Best Spa

    Eména Spa

    Stop whatever you're doing. Put down the newspaper. Close your web browser. Breathe. Relax. OK, now you can read again. Don't you feel better? Now imagine that feeling times 1,000. All you need to do is make some time in your packed schedule to leave the real world and visit Eména Spa, a fully equipped parallel universe created solely to… More >>
  • The Spa at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach

    Best Massage

    The Spa at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach

    You've had a long workweek — hell, it's been a long month. A relaxing cup of chamomile tea with honey won't cut it. It's time for the nuclear option for tense muscles. Pull out that red telephone and dial the emergency code. At the other end is the Spa at the Ritz-Carlton. From the moment you walk in, your soul… More >>
  • Lori Bell

    Best Acupuncturist

    Lori Bell

    Despite the fact that our grandparents still call it that "hippie human-porcupine stuff," Miami has bought into acupuncture big time. But even for true believers, steady hands and expertise are all-important when it comes to letting a stranger stick a bunch of needles in our skin. That's why it's so great that Lori Bell, a doctor of Chinese medicine and… More >>
  • Toute Division

    Best Botanica

    Toute Division

    Vodou, the native religion of Haiti, has gotten quite a bad rap in popular culture thanks to Hollywood movies. But pay a visit to a legit Little Haiti botanica — Toute Division — and you just might find you like this religious practice. Vodou, built at the nexus of ancient African and Catholic rites, is really a study in the… More >>
  • Best Psychic

    Psychic Readings by Nicole

    Love hurts — but that doesn't mean it has to remain painful. Just ask psychic Nicole, who for the past 25 years has built a practice on helping customers suffering from heartache. Her spiritual counseling and love spells are designed to strengthen relationships and ease weary souls. From her charming midtown shop, nestled next to an arepa emporium and neighborhood… More >>
  • Best Gym

    Legacy Fit

    There's only so much time on the same old treadmill a human being can take. At some point, the soul must rebel and head to Legacy Fit in Wynwood, where owner Manning Sumner will get you looking and feeling your best with a holistic approach. Sumner's core philosophy, "No Days Off," is an 84-day fitness road map with a no-nonsense… More >>
  • Best Tanning Salon

    Miami Tan

    You. This is a short story about you. You stand before the mirror and look at yourself in the buff. Where once a pale-skinned sack the color of aged notebook paper stood, now you find a glowing being bronzed for the gods. Your skin is the hue of the buttery leather of an Italian sports car. There's nary a tan… More >>
  • Best Laundromat

    Big Wash

    Girl, I was straight tripping. I thought my man was cheating on me. His clothes always smelled fresh as hell — like springtime or something. His shirts were actually ironed. He wasn't wearing his socks three days in a row anymore. I'd go over to his place on a Wednesday, we'd dirty up those sheets, and I'd come back Friday… More >>
  • Best Pawnshop

    Daddy's Cash LLC

    Past the Cannondales and the cameras and the single Vespa that's for sale at this Wynwood pawnshop, you'll spot an object you can't find anywhere else in Miami. Actually, you probably won't notice it. "No one's asked about this since we got it a year ago," sales specialist Jonathan explains. "We used to keep buying it from this one lady… More >>
  • Lock & Load Miami Machine Gun Experience & Range

    Best Gun Shop

    Lock & Load Miami Machine Gun Experience & Range

    If you are between the ages of 10 and 110 and are not pregnant, drunk, high, or chewing gum, you'll be welcome at Lock & Load, where both beginning and experienced shooters can giddily squeeze off rounds from a fine selection of 25 firearms, including fully automatic assault rifles such as the Colt M4 Commando, submachine guns like Israel Military… More >>
  • Best Adult Video Store

    Adult Video World

    The floors are tiled. The walls are wood-paneled. And there are many maroon doors, all numbered, from 1 to 10. These could be the basement offices of part-time faculty members at some community college. But what's up with all that moaning? Is it the audible expression of higher minds at work? The sound of curious human creatures plunging for knowledge?… More >>
  • Best Liquor Store

    El Gato Tuerto

    In any neighborhood, there's always that one badass cat that's either missing a tail, has a sixth claw, or rocks some gnarly battle scar that attests to a defining life experience. That cat — everyone knows — owns the hood. So on Calle Ocho, it's best to afford the same respect to El Gato Tuerto: the "one-eyed cat" in Spanish.… More >>
  • Best Wine Store

    Old Vines Wine & Spirits

    The most common modus operandi for intoxication in Miami may be molly and hard liquor, but there are still those who'd rather take their time and enjoy their drink. There's scarcely a brew or barreled concoction better suited for the task than a nice bottle of vino. If you're the type who likes to peruse a sizable cellar of wall-to-wall… More >>
  • Best Cigar Shop

    Little Havana Cigar Factory

    Little Havana Cigar Factory is a good place not only to buy a cigar but also to smoke one. Sure, the cigar might technically be imported from the Dominican Republic thanks to that pesky embargo. But considering it's rolled in-house by a Cuban expert and situated across the street from the old men playing dominos at Máximo Gómez Park on… More >>
  • Best Costume Store

    ABC Costumes

    Have any friends worth having? Chances are a costume party invitation is headed your way soon — and not necessarily around Halloween. Of course if it's off season, you might have to get crafty with your getup. No, put away the bad pun generator. No one wants to see you with People magazine pages stapled to your clothes as you… More >>
  • Best Gas Station

    Valero Station Connected to Taqueria Morelia

    OK, there's technically another station about half a block south, but for the sake of all things sacred and guacamole (this nomination comes with an appetizer of nacho cheese), consider this the real last stop before entering Everglades National Park. You'll need to gas up anyway before heading down the 40-mile road that leads to Flamingo, so you might as… More >>
  • Best Bookstore

    Book Barn Book Exchange

    Picture shelves with books upon books upon even more books. Imagine books covering every inch of the walls, from piles on the ground to piles atop the shelves. Inhale deeply and you'll smell the richness of parchment — an aroma that would make even Hermione swoon with delight. There's a shelf on your immediate right offering books for $1, and… More >>
  • Best Wi-Fi

    Bookstore in the Grove

    Hemingway did some stuff, sure. But imagine what he could have accomplished if he'd had access to the internet. Add Wi-Fi to your writerly dreams and you've got access to a wellspring of inspiration, from Ayn Rand to Pablo Neruda to F. Scott Fitzgerald. At the Bookstore in the Grove, you can work, you can dream, you can pen your… More >>
  • Best Comic-Book Store

    Villains Comics and Games

    From Magneto to the Joker to Lex Luthor, the bad guys never get enough credit even though they're the real stars of most great comics. So it is on Miami's comics scene, where the underappreciated star is none other than Villains Comics and Games. OK, so there's no dark, malign heart to this intimate — some might call it cozy… More >>
  • Vice City Barber Shop

    Best Barbershop

    Vice City Barber Shop

    When Gloria and Emilio Estefan's son Nayib needs his hair trimmed and his face shaved, he heads to the good people of Vice City. Why? Because they offer the kind of community-based, high-quality professional services that a hard-working man deserves, whether or not he's the scion of Miami royalty. Owned by passionate partners and cousins William and Hamlet Garcia, the… More >>
  • Best Hairstylist

    Nat Ordoñez

    The scene opens on a woman alone in a coffee shop. She sips slowly. Her face is concealed with sunglasses, and her hair is hidden in one of those hipster beanies. She's waiting for someone. Finally, another woman sits across from her. Nervous coffee drinker: "Cassie, what are you doing here? I thought we agreed to meet in secret later today." Cassie:… More >>
  • Best Hair Salon


    In a city where 80 percent humidity can transform the perfect coif into a Sideshow Bob 'do in seconds, having a master stylist on speed dial is a must. Sam is the man. The refreshingly candid coiffeur is the one-man hairdo dynamo behind Johari, a quaint, shaded cottage that channels the old Grove. Tucked away on a side street beneath… More >>
  • Best Piercing Parlor

    Balinese Tattoo Miami

    Once upon a time at an unnamed shop inside a suburban Central Florida mall, a hatchet job was performed on a girl who wanted nothing more than pierced ears. The inexperienced piercer kept making the holes uneven, and eventually the girl had about six punctures dotting her lobes. Blood stained Cinnabon's floors, and the girl's face looked as if she'd… More >>
  • Del Toro Boutique

    Best Shoe Store

    Del Toro Boutique

    There are a few areas of human achievement that Italians have on lockdown. Pasta. Chianti. Dysfunctional democracy. And shoes. Any doubts that the last category belongs to the Italians will be banished with a quick trip to Del Toro, a Wynwood-based boutique that focuses on bespoke footwear from the land of Berlusconi. The experts keep samples of the tasteful, edgy,… More >>
  • Best Sneaker Store

    Soles Inc.

    Miami is a city that lives and dies by trends. Luckily, shops such as Soles Inc. make living in the heart of trendy nation great. From exclusive action figures to superbly fresh snapbacks, this place has its finger on the pulse of what's cool, so its inventory is constantly showcasing something new. Though the clothing and accessories certainly represent their… More >>
  • Best Mall

    The Palms at Town & Country

    Once upon a time, there was a bit of land with a tiny lake and a fountain surrounded by shops meant to sell things. Archival records indicate such places were commonly referred to as "malls." This mall in particular was once plainly named Town & Country, but as the years passed — though they were kind to Town & Country… More >>
  • Best Flea Market

    Northside Shopping Centre

    Unroll the map. Maybe it floated ashore in a cloudy glass bottle or was buried in a rotting chest on a deserted beach. Follow the directions, even if the remote locale seems dubious: northeast of the Northside Metrorail station, just east of the Hialeah city limits, just off NW 79th Street. It's the last place most would search for buried… More >>
  • Best Antique Shop

    Conch Hill Market

    Everything about Conch Hill Market is vintage, even the building. It's located on the former site of Casa Capó Muebles, the first furniture boutique opened by the Capó family in Miami in the '60s, prior to the grand opening of giant El Dorado Furniture. The same white, red, and blue marquee that once illuminated the way for those in search… More >>
  • Best Furniture Store

    KMP Furniture

    With everyone suddenly priced out of Edgewater — thank you, Florida housing bubble! — the new hipster neighborhood ripe for gentrification is Miami's Upper Eastside, made up of Belle Meade, Bayside, Morningside, Shorecrest, and Bay Point to the east of Biscayne Boulevard, and Lemon City, Little Haiti, Buena Vista, and Little River to the west. Older apartment buildings are still… More >>
  • Best Used Furniture

    Las Tias

    As you stroll through vintage designer furniture and clothes, imagining yourself smack in the middle of the 1940s, maybe starring in some noir adventure alongside Humphrey Bogart, suddenly you're wrenched back to the present: Little Dragon is thumping on the radio. You're not in war years, and you're not even in a normal consignment shop. You're at Las Tias, an… More >>
  • Best Thrift Store

    Bargain Barn

    Face it — hunting for an affordable retro sofa or swank '60s swag lamp to spruce up your den can be a tiresome, hit-or-miss chore. Expect to be fleeced at some of the vintage or antique shops, where Eames-era couches are priced like museum pieces. But that's not the case at Bargain Barn, where a week's paycheck can buy an… More >>
  • Best Surf Shop

    Liquid Tube Surf Shop

    It's easy to get a surfing inferiority complex in Miami. Thanks to the Bahamas choking off the wildest surf blazing across the Atlantic, the waters off South Beach often look more like a bathtub than a roaring Hawaiian fantasy. But all it takes to wipe away that surfing depression is a quick stop to chat up the always-encouraging, hugely knowledgeable… More >>
  • Best Dive Shop

    Tarpoon Lagoon Diving Center

    It's 1952. Harry Truman announces he won't seek re-election. Mr. T is born. The Brits detonate their first nuclear bomb. And in Miami, a dive master named Mike Kevorkian opens the Tarpoon Lagoon Diving Center. Sixty-two years later, Truman's regime is long gone and Mr. T's career has come and gone, but Kevorkian's shop is still going strong. The granddaddy… More >>
  • Bike Nerds

    Best Bike Shop

    Bike Nerds

    Diego Pinzon and Thomas Korray can fix just about anything related to a bike. They are decent guys who don't charge outlandish prices and provide a much-needed service in an area where many people ride two-wheelers. Since opening in June 2013, they've seen business balloon. The two will fix a flat for $10 or completely service your bike — including… More >>
  • Best Scooter Rental

    Beach Scooter

    Sick of your car and want to try something a little different? In town for a few days and feel like jetting around without worrying about the South Beach parking morass? Try Beach Scooter, where you can rent scooters by the hour, day, or longer. The shop is open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week. It offers… More >>
  • Best Mechanic

    King Automotive

    Before Wynwood became the land of 10,000 bad Banksy imitations (AKA Janksies), there was the blue-and-yellow façade of King Automotive. This auto repair shop has been providing "miles of smiles" since 1967, according to its slogan, and whoever sets the prices doesn't seem to be familiar with the concept of inflation. Gary, King's head mechanic, is affable and has the… More >>
  • Best Car Wash

    Supershine Car Wash

    The queue stretches for half a block around the tent pitched on the side of the road. What could be inside, drivers must wonder, to inspire such a line? Grossly discounted fireworks? Eye-popping circus sideshow freaks? Free cake?! Nope. This is Supershine Car Wash, and it's well worth the wait. Underneath the tent, the service is quick and decently priced… More >>
  • Best Auto Dealership

    Braman Motors

    Living in Miami's urban core has its perks: walkability, decent public transit, a nice selection of local stores, and, of course, proximity to the highways that can whisk you away to Key West or New England if you're up for the road trip. But you'll need a decent set of wheels first. A trip to the auto dealership usually means… More >>
  • Best Dry Cleaners

    Coconut Grove Laundry & Cleaners

    Miami is obsessed with image, which means locals have more than a closet or two of meticulously created fashion gems. But therein lies the Catch-22: Between the big nights out, expensive dinners, and pricey drinks, there's no money left to clean the ensembles that make those nights out possible. That's where Coconut Grove Laundry & Cleaners comes in. The family-owned-and-operated… More >>
  • Best Clothing Boutique


    You buy your produce from a Redland farmer. You pick up your coffee from the roaster down the block. Why would you get your new threads from a soulless national superchain? You can't get more local than the homegrown group of women's stores called Blush. With five shops from Miami Beach to Palmetto Bay, Blush has most of the county… More >>
  • Supply & Advise

    Best Men's Clothing Store

    Supply & Advise

    Americans are the masters of casual style, but it's not uncommon to see Miamians walking around with Gucci belt buckles the size of hubcaps. That's because Miami is not in America and instead exists in a place where modesty is a four-letter word. Thankfully for the low-key set, there's Supply & Advise, the vaguely military-themed anti-boutique across from the Shops… More >>
  • Nic del Mar

    Best Swimwear

    Nic del Mar

    How important is the perfect swimsuit for the Miami woman? The English language lacks severe enough adverbs, so let's go with supercrazivitalally. Much like the little black dress, the perfect swimsuit can make a woman feel confident and sexy. And whether it's a one-piece or a bikini, Coral Gables shop Nic del Mar has it all. The store was started… More >>
  • Best Hat Shop

    Hats & Hats

    Long gone are the days of sharply dressed men topped in carefully crafted fedoras. Women no longer don flowing gowns and little ornamental hats full of jewels and feathers and filigree pinned over tightly wrapped buns. And though now it might seem like there's nothing to put on your pate but beanies and basketball snapbacks, there is a place in… More >>
  • Best Jewelry Store

    Maurice's Jewelers

    They say it's the thought that counts, and yes, everyone appreciates a thoughtful gift that shows how much you care for a loved one, family member, or friend. But when it comes time to really impress that special someone — or maybe just to prove to your parents that you can — you gotta break out the big bucks. We're… More >>
  • Best Bridal Shop

    Ever After

    So he (or she) finally got down on one knee and popped the question. You're getting married. Let that sink in for a moment as the classic Spice Girls anthem plays in your head and you sing along to "2 Become 1." Now that the euphoric moment is over, reality sets in and it's time to start a Google doc… More >>
  • Jorge Nevot

    Best Florist

    Jorge Nevot

    Whether it's a wedding, baby shower, baptism, party, or corporate event, ask a simple question: What always seems to make the essential must-buy list? The answer is flowers, and the reason is because that bit of Mother Nature has the power to charm any situation. But big-deal events call for entrusting a professional to arrange the flora delicately. That's where… More >>
  • Best Veterinarian

    Maria Oliveira, DVM

    Ever since she was a little girl in the Dominican Republic, Maria Oliveira only wanted to heal animals and be a mother. So when she was diagnosed with Stage 3B breast cancer in 2007 and doctors explained her chances of survival were slim, she accepted that her life was complete. But that didn't mean she gave up. Instead, she went… More >>
  • Best Pet Supply Store

    Natural K-9

    Miamians have gone all in with juicing, cleansing, and organic everything, from toothpaste to body wash. So why do so many Magic City pet owners still tromp through the big chain pet stores, where garish cat and dog costumes and flimsy feather toys share space with the equivalent of McDonald's for dogs? Especially when the holistic pet product train has… More >>
  • Furry Paws Pet Resort

    Best Kennel

    Furry Paws Pet Resort

    There once were two dogs named Daisy and Bean, the cutest, most lovable pooches you've seen. They lived with their people, who loved them so much; together they always ate breakfast and lunch. But one day their people decided to go on a two-week vacation to Acapulco. The people were scared, with much apprehension, of leaving their dogs without love and attention. They needed to find the perfect… More >>