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Best Vietnamese Restaurant Miami 2014 - Green Papaya Vietnamese Cuisine

Chicken soup may feed the soul and a cold, but it's for amateurs. The roast duck noodle soup ($10.95) at Green Papaya sings to your soul. The bowl is lined with cabbage, and the tender hunks of roast duck hide beneath thin yellow noodles and the most delectable bits of fried shallot. The pho is dressed up and blinged out in toppings, but for a stronger broth base, try the Hue Castle noodle soup ($11.95), spicy stuff with both beef and pork floating around. On a busy day during lunch hour, a stranger might sit at your table. We're telling you this because you likely won't notice with your head buried in the enormous bowl of slurpable soup. Moving on to solids, how's the namesake green papaya salad? Oh, it's good.

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