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Best Vegan Desserts Miami 2014 - Beehive Juice Bar

Beehive Juice Bar

Beehive Juice Bar

6490 Bird Road

Miami, FL 33155


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Oreos may be vegan, but an unrecognizable Crisco-based filling and some mass-produced chocolate wafers aren't exactly the stuff of a healthy diet. So what are meatless eaters supposed to look forward to at the end of a meal? Enter Beehive Juice Bar's cake du jour. Whipped up daily, the vegan lunch counter's cakes are dairy-free, flour-free, and processed-sugar-free. Owner and master chef Carlos Schicchi generally uses whole-wheat pastry flour, brown rice syrup, flax meal, pineapple purée, and an array of other good-for-you ingredients to craft cruelty-free masterpieces for your mouth. On any given day, there could be apple, strawberry, carrot, banana walnut, chocolate, or tangerine cake. And they're all guilt-free, cruelty-free, and bad-stuff-free. At $2.99 a slice, it's a sweet steal.

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Don't forget the many other excellent desserts here, like the gluten free cupcakes (which are also vegan, try carrot cake it's fantastic) and the brownies! Oh the brownies!!!  There's also pastelitos, cookies, and an occasional tofu cheese cake!