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Best Sushi Miami 2014 - SuViche



2751 N Miami Ave.

Miami, FL 33127

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Readers' Choice: Akashi Japanese Restaurant

Remember the Great Compromise? Yeah, neither do we. But we do know that SuViche is our great dining compromise. It's for those meals when you can't decide between sushi or ceviche or when you are torn between two sushi rolls. Here, you can order half rolls. SuViche is versatile, and with three locations in Miami, it's easy to wrap your chopsticks around its Peruvian-Japanese fare. Try the aptly named perfection roll ($10.50), made with fried shrimp, cream cheese, and real crab salad in the center, avocado and tempura flakes on top, and a savory squirt of spicy mayo and eel sauce to finish it off.

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sorry guys, you just lost all credibility with this choice...