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Best Flea Market Miami 2014 - Northside Shopping Centre

Northside Shopping Centre

7900 NW 27th Ave.

Miami, FL 33147


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Unroll the map. Maybe it floated ashore in a cloudy glass bottle or was buried in a rotting chest on a deserted beach. Follow the directions, even if the remote locale seems dubious: northeast of the Northside Metrorail station, just east of the Hialeah city limits, just off NW 79th Street. It's the last place most would search for buried treasure. But the riches inside Northside Shopping Centre (formerly known as the Village Flea Market) are varied and seemingly endless. Want your hair styled in dreads or weaves at the salon? On the hunt for that perfect $4 rhinestone chain? Northside has you covered. Headless mannequins, tattered American flags, bootleg Venezuelan DVDs, faux-Armani jeans, rows of stalls grilling arepas and Dominican delicacies — it's all inside. X marks the spot — there be treasure here!

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