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Holy Ship!!! 2014's Ten Craziest Raver Costumes

1 year ago by Kat Bein
Crazy costumes have always been a big part of the electronic music party scene. But these days, you're nobody unless you're pretending to be somebody you're really not. Perhaps it's the sense of anonymity that comes with a disguise. Or maybe it's because every single one of you is an...

Sweatstock 2014 and Record Store Day in Miami

11 months ago by Rebecca Bulnes
Sweatstock 2014 Sweat Records and Churchill's Pub, Miami Saturday, April 19, 2014 Once again, Sweatstock showed Miami how to truly celebrate Record Store Day -- with free ice cream, good people, and great bands. Oh yeah, and tons of records. For its fifth annual anniversary party and RSD blowout, Sweat...

MasterMinds 2014

1 year ago by Ciara LaVelle
A stage visionary redefines the way South Florida sees theater. A thrift-shop connoisseur turns his love of collecting into an art career. A musician describes himself as "half Cuban Native Indian, half German Anunnaki wolf." You can say a lot of things about 2014's MasterMind Award finalists, but you can't...

Ten Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes: Casey Anthony, Uniboob, and More!

3 years ago by Stacey Russell
If you think that a simple trip down to Party City will be good enough for a night out in Miami on Halloween this year, you're wrong. Sure, it'll get through the door at your neighbor's lame boo bash, but if you really want to make statement this year, Cultist...

Miami's Ten Best Reggae Acts of 2014

3 months ago by Jacob Katel
Down in Florida City, Rasta Rick used to live in an air conditioned tree house, serve bricks of good outdoor ganja, and jam reggae tapes all day. Dade County is both a downtrodden Babylon, and a Rasta's paradise. And many of the world's greatest reggae artists, bands, and performers can...
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