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Best Beer Garden Miami 2014 - Lou's Beer Garden

Lou\'s Beer Garden

Lou's Beer Garden

7337 Harding Ave.

Miami Beach, FL 33141


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You might be over the word "chillax," but you can still get behind the sentiment. Try sitting poolside in a non-sceney way with a cold brew while devouring delectable mini crabcakes with bitching sauce ($17). That's what Lou's Beer Garden has to offer. It's a hidden gem in North Beach that's like the kid brother of the Broken Shaker. You will feel like you're in a friend's backyard — if that friend had an awesome beer collection that took up the whole center column of a menu. Lou's has served everything from banana bread beer to big Belgian to local Florida ales. Sure, they make pretty good mixed drinks, but you come here for the craft beer libations, ambiance, and crabcakes.

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I love how the crab cakes are mentioned twice, yet they are not even in the top 10 of great dishes I've eaten at Lou's.  The mixed drinks aren't "pretty good", they are hand-crafted cocktails made by skilled bartenders using top shelf and unique ingredients.  This North Beach staple stands alone as an example of what a quality beer garden should be, and LBG plays "little brother" to no other bar/restaurant.

Congratulations to Lou, Ann, and the entire LBG staff for winning a much deserved "Best Beer Garden Miami 2014".  Visit Lou's and see for yourself that this hidden gem has a lot more to offer than goddamn crab cakes and banana bread beer.


Are you kidding, kid brother to broken shaker? More like grandfather of, Lou's has been open way longer than the shaker.