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The Carbonell Awards

7 years ago by Elvis Ramirez
At the Carbonell Awards last night, my boyfriend and I sat right next to a cameraman in the Amaturo Theater at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. We wore tuxes, and we looked cute. Everybody else looked cute, too. The real winner at last night’s Carbonell Awards was actress...

Thanksgiving 2014: Bars & Clubs Open and Closed in Miami

4 months ago by S. Pajot
Pavo. Puerco. Pumpkin pie. As residents of that fantastic land known as Miami, we are often accused of living in some foreign country where summer never ends. And yet, we give thanks for the bounty of the autumn harvest, just like the rest of y'all yanquis. However, unlike most citizens...

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Bar Guide

4 months ago by Liz Tracy
Art Basel hits our city each December like a ton of very stylish, possibly graffitied, definitely expensive bricks. People with cash flock here to snap up valuable artwork, culture nerds come for the quirky performances, and party animals get ratchet at each and every live music venue, because it's still...

Best of Miami 2014 Readers' Poll: Music, Bars and Clubs

12 months ago by S. Pajot
Grab that little red joystick, gamers. It's time to work out those nimble wrists, trigger finger, and button thumb by casting at least ten votes in New Times' Best of Miami 2014: Game On! readers' poll. Sadly, the days of "Best Arcade" are long gone. But we here at Crossfade...

Best of Miami 2014: Game On!

Grab your controller and heed the call of duty. It's time to read about the best places to eat brunch, drink beer, and party until dawn in Miami. Here you'll find 320 of our picks for the greatest artists, musicians, and restaurateurs in this steamy subtropical beach megalopolis. You'll also...
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