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DJ Tennis Talks Dark Pop and Basel Life and Death Label Showcase

2 years ago by Sean Levisman
Life and death. Mortality. Pretty heavy subject matter for dance music, right? But then, it's not really conventional dance music that's being put out by the Life and Death label. This is heady, brooding, emotional stuff. It might be carried by that uhntz-uhntz beat, but it will bend your mind...

The 20 Worst People of 2013

1 year ago by Pete Kotz
20. Ron Nielson Ron Nielson wanted to do something extra scary for the kids on Halloween. He decided it would be totally spooky — not to mention hilarious — to burn a cross at his Palm Bay, Florida, home. Yet Nielson's uproarious "prank" — his words — went awry when...

Miami's Ten Best Labor Day 2013 Parties

2 years ago by S. Pajot
We all spend our days slaving away, flipping burgers, serving slop, pouring drinks, hauling trash, driving big rigs, selling cars, cuffing creeps, dancing on poles, counting other people's cash, or tapping data into crappy old desktop computers. But our nights (and paychecks) are gloriously wasted on cab rides, vodka shots,...

Basel 2013: Friday Party Guide

1 year ago by S. Pajot
Basel is bonkers. Day after day after day after day after day, we all get to arty party with the famous, infamous, and unfamous. Some of the fun you're not invited to. And some of it's totally free. Tonight's just as awesomely all over the place. Check the cut for...

New Times' Best of Miami 2013: It's Finally Here

2 years ago by New Times staff
Writers spent months combing the city's galleries, theaters, and festivals. Editors agonized over choosing the very greatest options. Readers nominated and voted for their favorites. And now, it's all about to pay off big. New Times' Best of Miami issue is back. And this time, it has light sabers. Our...
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