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Best Sportscaster Miami 2013 - Joe Zagacki

Readers' Choice: Dan Le Batard

What if local sportscasters were Game of Thrones characters? (Come on, hear us out. As if you wouldn't pay to see Dan Sileo and Mike Inglis in a medieval broadsword duel to the death.) Dan Le Batard would be Tywin Lannister: cocky, smart, insufferable. Sid Rosenberg? He's Robert Baratheon: a king felled by his own unhealthy appetites. But Joe Zagacki might just be the heroic Robb Stark: quiet, unshowy, but damned competent. Zagacki has been the "Voice of the Canes" for 11 years (and with Hurricanes Radio for nearly a quarter-century), and his style — lightening-quick with stats and relevant info, short on theatrical outbursts — is a perfect sorbet for a market oversaturated with yellers. Listening to him narrate the University of Miami men's basketball team's run to new heights this past season was a sublime pleasure worthy of George R.R. Martin's prose.

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