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Best Public Restroom Miami 2013 - Nordstrom at Dadeland Mall

Nordstrom at Dadeland Mall

Nordstrom at Dadeland Mall

7239 N. Kendall Drive

Kendall, FL 33156


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Readers' Choice: Wood Tavern

Everything about Nordstrom is extravagant: A-list-celebrity-worthy designer shoes, Dolce & Gabbana handbags, a gourmet café, and marble floors all make you feel like a million bucks. So it's no surprise the restrooms are on par with the department store's opulence. The one that stands out is the ladies' room on the second floor. The exterior might look like a typical lavatory, but the interior lounge is, um, bursting with luxury. We're talking leather couches, wing chairs, a wooden center table, modern full-length mirrors, ceiling lights that cast a golden glow, and a subtle scent of floral freshness. This is what royalty must feel like every time they visit the loo.

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