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Best Of Winner

Best Production from an Out-of-town Company

Death and Harry Houdini

The crux of Death and Harry Houdini is the titular magician's lifelong battle with death — his perpetual desire to cheat his demise. But beyond that, nothing about the story of this visiting production from the House Theatre of Chicago sticks out. The dialogue and thinly explored romance certainly won't...
Best Of Winner

Best Production from a New Company

Three Sisters

The PlayGround Theatre's transformation from an ambitious children's theater to an ambitious adult theater — rechristened Miami Theater Center — should have surprised no one familiar with its previous work. But its debut production of Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters pulled so many avant-garde surprises on its audience that it somehow...

The Carbonell Awards

7 years ago by Elvis Ramirez
At the Carbonell Awards last night, my boyfriend and I sat right next to a cameraman in the Amaturo Theater at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. We wore tuxes, and we looked cute. Everybody else looked cute, too. The real winner at last night’s Carbonell Awards was actress...

Miami Theater in 2013: Despite Companies Closing, a Few Masterpieces Remained

1 year ago by John Thomason
When looking back at the past year in theater, there's no escaping the void. Companies that had become staples at awards shows and in best-of tallies were nowhere to be found, having vanished like the bee population. We got the proverbial goose egg from the Naked Stage. Its sole contribution...

Awards Tour

8 years ago by Tamara Palmer
Southern rap magazine Ozone hustled its way into the awards show game last year, presenting a program as musically satisfying and gossip-fueling as its informative and edgy printed pages. It was mounted in conjunction with TJs DJs Tastemakers DJ/Music Conference, a weekend of artist showcases and practical panel discussions. The...
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