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Best Meteorologist Miami 2013 - Lissette Gonzalez

It's not every day you get to watch a beauty queen turned off-Broadway star turned recording artist turned TV host turned meteorologist deliver the weekday morning forecast. Unless, of course, you tune in to CBS 4 News from 5 to 9 a.m. and at noon to watch Lissette Gonzalez do her thing. The brown-haired, svelte-figured beauty has been CBS 4's a.m. weather girl since 2007. Her bright smile, charismatic personality, and ease in delivering the weather in a simple yet thorough manner make it easy for Gonzalez to connect with her viewers. Prior to covering hurricanes on CBS 4, Gonzalez participated in the Miss University of Miami scholarship pageant and went on to be named Miss Miami, then Miss Florida, and was second runnerup in the 1998 Miss America Pageant. She later landed a gig as Maria in the off-Broadway production of 4 Guys Named José and una Mujer Named María. Her role caught the attention of RCA Records, and in 2001 Gonzalez signed a deal to record with Grammy-winning producers. With her beauty pageant and Broadway days behind her, Gonzalez is doing what she does best: forecasting the weather. Every now and then, the meteorologist is known to step out of the studio and into the streets, where she delivers the weather from major outdoor events such as the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Who knows? Maybe one day she'll surprise South Florida and sing the weather forecast.

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Thank you for noticing what I have known since I met Lissette when she was selected as Miss Carnaval Miami in 1997. I've had the privilege of working with Lissette at CBS4 since 2007 and have witnessed the amount of time she dedicates to the community as MC or guest speaker at fundraising events and local schools. She is a fully certified meteorologist-- definitely not a "weather girl"--  and has passed her studies with honors. She truly deserves this recognition.