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Best Mechanic Miami 2013 - Red Road Tire & Auto Center

Red Road Tire & Auto Center

410 W. 29th St.

Hialeah, FL 33012


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Readers' Choice: Shorty & Fred's Garage

Let's face it: Miami has more poorly maintained death traps rolling around its highways than any city this side of Havana. So it makes sense that the best mechanics in Dade are a brother and sister from Jaruco, a town just outside Cuba's capital packed full of rusting '50s clunkers. Family-owned and -run since 1984, Red Road Tire & Auto Center has friendly staffers always ready to make space in their day to slide your ride into the garage and get you checked out so you're one of the safe ones out on the Dolphin. And if that $70 synthetic oil change you dread every 5,000 miles has you cursing your decision to buy such a snazzy, newfangled jalopy, you'll be hard-pressed to find a place that does a quicker or cheaper change — all for less than 40 bucks. Nearly 30 years in Hialeah has made this garage battle-tested, so it's a damnably rare problem that they can't fix, and if you've let things get that drastic, you might consider throwing your keys into the river anyway. They service everything from Hummers to Hyundais and even trucks that work at Miami International Airport. Luckily, you don't have to go to all the way to Havana to find crack mechanics.

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How many miles should you go without an oil change? I've heard you can go about every 15,000 miles. I feel like I've heard a lot of different answers like it depends on the car as well. It would be great to see what you say about it.


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