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Best Empanada Miami 2013 - La Estancia Argentina

La Estancia Argentina

La Estancia Argentina

178170 Biscayne Blvd.

Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160


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We could debate until we're blue in the face about who regionally makes the number one empanada. Caribbean countries tend to deep-fry them, while Venezuela and Colombia make them with a thicker flour dough. But if we had to choose based on perfect doughiness and delicious filling, the Argentines win this battle hands down. Always baked, never fried, Argentine empanadas usually have a more robust flavor and texture. For a prime example of the perfect empanada, head to La Estancia Argentina in Aventura. A variety of turnovers are only $1.80 each, from classics such as jamón y queso, carne, and pollo to more unusual flavors like atun, caprese, humita. Or make a party out of it and buy a dozen for $21.38. La Estancia also offers premium empanadas with hand-cut meats and four cheeses for $2.50 apiece or $27.32 a dozen.

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Congratulations to La Estancia Argentina. Not only the best empanadas, but the best selection of wines, pastries and other great argentinean stuff. Specials all the time as well. WELL DONE!