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MasterMind Awards 2013: The Ten Finalists for Miami New Times' Arts Contest

2 years ago by Carlos Suarez De Jesus
MasterMind Awards 2013: The Ten Finalists for Miami New Times' Arts Contest

Summer Movie Guide 2013

2 years ago by Simon Abrams
5/31: Now You See Me: Action filmmaker Louis Leterrier's output is all over the map, from the fitfully delightful Transporter 2 to that irredeemable Clash of the Titans remake. His latest sounds pretty dopey — the FBi tries to stop a group of bank-robbing magicians — but Leterrier, the director...

Nightmare on Ocean Drive

15 years ago by Lissette Corsa
At Level nightclub in South Beach on a Thursday night in late June, models pranced down the blood-red runway wearing sheer, hip-hugging sarongs below and body paint on top, outfits courtesy of Anastasia Monster of Art. On a stage the self-proclaimed “last of the Great Masters” splashed colors onto a...

Miami Theater in 2013: This Year's Highs and Lows

1 year ago by John Thomason
When looking back at the past year in theater, there's no escaping the void. Companies that had become staples at awards shows and in best-of tallies were nowhere to be found, having vanished like the bee population. We got the proverbial goose egg from the Naked Stage. Its sole contribution...

Halloween Guide 2013: Miami's Best Parties, Pumpkin Patches, Costume Contests

1 year ago by Ciara LaVelle
Halloween in Miami is different from anyplace else on Earth. The weather is better, the people are hotter (and more comfortable putting their hot bodies on display), and the culture is as competitively showy as it gets. All that adds up to killer costumes -- and plenty of places to...
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