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Miami Web Award 2013 Winners

1 year ago by Jose D. Duran
Last night, New Times celebrated the best of the web with the second annual Miami Web Awards at Shots Miami. With free samples from Apothic wines and bites from Los Perros and Latin Burger & Taco, we got everyone in the mood to celebrate this year's winners. And those winners,...

Drag, Man

12 years ago by Nina Korman
Be it by a simple pat on the back, a hefty raise, or a shiny award, everybody wants to be recognized in some small way for the things they do, especially drag doyenne Shelley Novak. Known for his perennial five-o'clock shadow, copious chest hair, and ersatz resemblance to hefty actress...

Drag's Dregs

11 years ago by John Anderson
MON 2/9 You can call it a local equivalent to the Oscars. There will be goddesses working the red carpet and glamorous gowns, but be on the lookout for the freaky styley. Shelley Novak, Miami's hairy-chested drag wonder, is honoring the best of the local cross-dressing culture. Will Pussy-la win...

Drag King

14 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Eddie Izzard knows precisely why he wanted to become a performer, be it an actor or stand-up comedian or, for that matter, a street performer entertaining passers-by for spare change. When he was 6 years old, Izzard was living in South Wales with his parents and older brother. Before that,...

Latin Billboard Music Conference and Awards 2013, April 22 to 25

2 years ago by Laurie Charles
Latin Billboard Music Conference and Awards 2013, April 22 to 25
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