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Best Dive Bar, Coconut Grove

Tavern in the Grove

If you want to predict the fun-slash-danger level of an average night at any boozing establishment, simply inspect the floor, walls, and bathroom stalls. Waxed, clean, and pristine? Too tame. Blood-puddled, puke-stained, and shit-slathered? Too extreme. But soaked in suds, papered with NSFW party pics, and covered in a phone...

Top 5 Restaurants in Coconut Grove

5 years ago by Lee Klein
We all hope the new Paragon Grove 13 movieplex has a reviving effect on the area's moribund dining scene. Yet even in its darkest hour, Coconut Grove still boasts a number of bright spots at which to eat. The following five, I think you will all agree, are the very...

Miami Web Award 2013 Winners

1 year ago by Jose D. Duran
Last night, New Times celebrated the best of the web with the second annual Miami Web Awards at Shots Miami. With free samples from Apothic wines and bites from Los Perros and Latin Burger & Taco, we got everyone in the mood to celebrate this year's winners. And those winners,...

Snackdown Semi-Finals: Coconut Grove vs. Downtown

3 years ago by Alex Rodriguez
Over the next few weeks, Short Order will be pairing eight Miami-Dade neighborhoods in a "Snackdown." This is the first semi-finals entry. Today pits Coconut Grove against Downtown Miami. Which of these two is the better neighborhood for dining?Read our arguments and VOTE! Tweet it. Facebook it. Google+ it. Comment...

Tavern in the Grove Closes for Renovation

2 years ago by Laine Doss
Tavern in the Grove was a dive bar in every sense of the word. It was neither retro-cool like Club Deuce, nor frat-boy cool like Ted's Hideaway. On the contrary, Tavern in the Grove was more authentic than that. It was the kind of bar that would have felt at...
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