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Best Cupcakes Miami 2013 - Buttercream Cupcakes & Coffee

Buttercream Cupcakes & Coffee

Buttercream Cupcakes & Coffee

1411 Sunset Drive

South Miami, FL 33143


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There are many ways to eat a cupcake from Buttercream Cupcakes & Coffee in Coral Gables. You can peel away the chocolate Oreo's baking cup ($2.75 each, $33 per baker's dozen) and then devour its butter-filled frosting one nibble at a time. You can tear off the top of an orange cupcake and then lick the orange-zest-speckled buttercream bit by bit. You could try a myriad of methods with the shop's 18 other flavors, which include chocolate-peanut butter, lime, mocha, and red velvet. Those are all very good trials. But after sampling all of Buttercream's moist, fluffy cakes, you should really try this: Remove the cupcake's wrapping, pull off its spongy bottom, plop it atop the frosting, and eat. Enjoy the beauty of a self-made, sweet Buttercream cupcake sandwich.

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These cupcakes are simply perfect.  Perfect consistency, perfect moister, perfect frosting, perfect size.  They have some that are very sweet (like I like them -- Oreo) and some that are less sweet like the Guava.  ZERO taste of lard or fake supermarket frosting. 

There is no question that these are the best in time to expand.  Brickell is in need.


Great cupcakes! Especially the red velvet, and the frosting should be sold by the cup!

I do have a bone to pick - how come there are never any repeat winners? 2 Girls & A Cupcake, LA Sweets, now Buttercream, it's not like the previous winners stopped making good cupcakes, it seems more like New Times purposely picks someone new every year to create controversy, it also makes it look like a sham, if they were the best last year, what could have possibly changed from one year to the next? & I'm not just talking this category, I'm talking most categories, seems like its more about who the editors/writers are buddy buddy with than actual quality of food, Latin Burger, best burger, really?