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Grammy Awards 2013 Nominees: From Frank Ocean to Black Keys and Rick Ross

2 years ago by S. Pajot
Grammy-tastic! Last night, amid goofy, sexually tense intergenerational banter between co-hosts LL Cool J and Taylor Swift, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States announced the nominees for its 54th Grammy Awards, airing Sunday, February 10, on CBS. Genre-bending R&B guy Frank Ocean scored with...

The Ten Biggest Florida Memes of 2013

1 year ago by Lourdes Duarte
Oh Florida, sometimes we wish we knew how to quit you. You've been a great source of laughs throughout the year, but sometimes you're just too much for us. Every cray news story to blow up on the Internet seems to come from you. You ruin political careers; you invent...

New Times' Best of Miami 2013: It's Finally Here

2 years ago by New Times staff
Writers spent months combing the city's galleries, theaters, and festivals. Editors agonized over choosing the very greatest options. Readers nominated and voted for their favorites. And now, it's all about to pay off big. New Times' Best of Miami issue is back. And this time, it has light sabers. Our...

Miami Theater in 2013: This Year's Highs and Lows

1 year ago by John Thomason
When looking back at the past year in theater, there's no escaping the void. Companies that had become staples at awards shows and in best-of tallies were nowhere to be found, having vanished like the bee population. We got the proverbial goose egg from the Naked Stage. Its sole contribution...

Coachella 2013: Top Five EDM Moments

2 years ago by Nate Jackson
Amid the crazy sea of hipsters, hippies, old folks, pre-teens, and babies(!), Coachella's weekend one was also packed with EDM revelers ready to get their fist-pumping music fix. In fact, it seems that dance music lovers are growing in numbers so much that every other car in line at the...
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