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Best Brazilian Restaurant Miami 2013 - Brazaviva Churrascaria

Brazaviva Churrascaria

Brazaviva Churrascaria

7910 NW 25th St.

Miami, FL 33122


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The gauchos of southern Brazil were the equivalent of North American cowboys: a nomadic people who resided in the vast plains of Rio Grande do Sol in the country's southern region. Like their brethren in Argentina and Uruguay, the gauchos would dig pits in the ground and start massive fires. Then they'd roast large pieces of delicious red meat on large wooden skewers. When the meats were ready, the gauchos would carve off thin slices and pass them around, often complementing the moist pieces of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and sausage with seasonal roasted veggies from a recent harvest. Brazaviva Churrascaria in Doral continues the gaucho tradition seven days a week for Miamians in search of an affordable, mouthwatering Brazilian feast. Brazaviva offers 18 quality meats with an equal array of sides and salads at reasonable prices. Lunch is $22.99 a person, and a full rodizio meal costs $34.99 on weekends. Guests control the flow of their meats with green-red cards placed at their table. Flipping the green side up signals the carvers to begin serving. They bring out a continuous rotation of meats until you are satisfied or need a break. Flip the two-sided card to red to slow things down. To resume service, simply turn the card back to green. Brazaviva is open Monday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and till 11 p.m. Friday through Sunday. Just look for the burgundy canopy on a white office building.

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Are you guys kidding with me? I'm sorry but this is the worst Brazilian Restaurant in Miami! Just check the reviews on Yelp, Google... The service sucks, meats are low quality and salad bar not fresh. As a Brazilian that lives in Miami for 6 years this is an insult. Go to Steak Brazil in Downtown Miami, way better and inexpensive. Or if you can afford Fogo de Chao is amazing too. 


Nice pick.  This restaurant closed in mid-2012.  It's been a bulldozed lot for quite some time.  Do some research.  Your credibility went out the window.