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Best Baker Miami 2013 - Zak Stern

Zak Stern raises Alpine goats in Little Haiti. He wears suspenders, is fond of tweed trousers, and enjoys listening to Taylor Swift. He once apprenticed for five years under bread- and cheese-makers across Europe. Now he runs a closed-door operation that supplies organic sourdoughs to some of the city's top restaurants, including Michy's and Oak Tavern. The loaves ($6), offered in varieties such as olive and za'atar or plum, fennel, and rye, have thick, chewy crusts and complex, slightly bitter interiors. So when Zak shows up at a farmers' market to sell his bread, lines form immediately. Loaves sell out within minutes. Maybe it's the goat's milk. Or perhaps it's all the T-Swift. Whatever the reason, Zak Stern is the best — and perhaps most interesting — baker in town.

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? maybe it could be its made from oh dear god dont let me say, raw organic ingredients oh my god please dont tell me thats what he did becuase if thats the case miami fails at it quite alot.


Couldn't go to a better person! Zaks The Man - Amazing bread, nice and crunchy on the outside, deliciously soft on the insidie