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Best Art Walk Miami 2013 - Second Saturday Early

Second Saturday Early

Wynwood Art District

Miami, FL 33127

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There's no disputing that Wynwood's Second Saturday Art Walk has grown beyond its organizers' wildest expectations by attracting thousands to the bustling arts district every month. Attendees flock to the graffiti-stained blocks for displays ranging from blue-chip, museum-quality masterpieces to cutting-edge experimental works. Lately, though, parking after 7 p.m. seems impossible, and you have to throw elbows like Dikembe Mutombo to fight your way through the throngs outside the best shows. So forget that. Most of the galleries are now open beginning at noon, when parking is plentiful, crowds are comfortable, and the art is just as good. Plus, you can actually talk to the dealers about their programs and chat up exhibiting artists about their visionary works. When you've had your fill, you'll have plenty of time to hit up the food trucks corralled on the corner of NW 23 Street and Second Avenue before the grilled-cheese lines resemble a tribute to Soviet Russia.

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